Anti-Aging with Preventative Health: The New Science of Aging

Although we have been successful with each generation in extending our life span, this new generation could be the one that does not outlive its parents. Obesity and disease are running rampant even in our children. Most of this poor health is due to inactivity and poor diet. Prior to the 20th century, average life expectancy was about 45 years of age. Life span is the maximum age obtainable for the species and is defined by the oldest living individual. To date, Madame Jeanne Calment who died at age 122 years in August 1997 is that individual. Other centenarians in history:

* Hippocrates (460?-377?B.C.), lived for 80-90 years
* Sophocles (496-406 B.C.), Tagic poet lived 90 years
* Andrea della Robbia (1435-1525), Florentine artist, lived 90 years
* Michelangelo (1475-1564), lived to 91 years
* Tiziano Vercellio (1488-1576), lived to 88 years
* My own Grandmother Berniece Mc Mullen lived to be 97 years old

Have our genes changed that much or have our lifestyles and environments changed?

Physically we reach our peak at age 11, and bodies have not yet started to age. If we could keep this vigor and resilience, we could live to 130 years of age or older.

At adolescence, aging begins. Ahead lie the risks of pregnancy, stress of parenting, and a decreasing resistance to injury and disease. From age 11, the chance of death doubles every eight years.

We have long believed that aging was a downhill journey that progressed with time. Today there are health practitioners who have dedicated themselves to exploring the new frontier of anti-aging. We are living in a time of scientific discovery so revolutionary that it could change the course of the human race. We are on the verge of prolonging life by slowing aging and preventing the onset of disease.

Traditional medicine focuses on treating the effects of the aging process while anti-aging medicine focuses on treating or preventing the causes of aging.

Here at Fitness Connection we have dedicated ourselves to promoting wellness. Preventative health starts at home with you! We offer an anti-aging consult that's designed to educate you on the lifestyle changes necessary to improve quality of life. We evaluate your current level of health and fitness. Your body needs three types of exercise to stay optimally fit: aerobic, resistance and flexibility training. We will evaluate your workout, diet and supplement program. You will hear an anti-aging lecture,which focuses on how to obtain the best results. Recommendations are made for your training, diet, supplements, and information is provided to work with your physician for further assessment of your hormones and overall health. We have had great success in boosting hormone levels by thirty percent with diet, resistance exercise and cardio programming.

It all starts with booking your anti-aging/preventative health consult today and making changes now that will help you live a longer and more active life. The anti-aging consult comes with two follow up visits for monitoring your progress. Invest in your most valuable asset and your longevity today! Call us 504-885-7855.

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